Art of Examination Video and Recordings

Digital resources for Art Medical Diagnosis Course

This course uses objects from the Dallas Museum of Art's collection to teach medical students how to improve visual diagnostic skills, increase attention to detail, embrace other viewpoints, work collaboratively, and practice mindfulness, empathy and compassion by engaging with the power of art.

Based on The Art of Examination, a preclinical elective for medical students at UT Southwestern Medical School, the modules are led by Bonnie Pitman, Distinguished Scholar in Residence at UT Dallas Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History, and Dr. Heather Goff, Assistant Professor of Dermatology at UT Southwestern, and UT Southwestern medical students.

Watch The Art of Examination eLearning Video

This video project was created by UT Dallas eLearning and filmed by Quin Mathews Films.

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    “Medical students use art collections to hone skills” Dallas Morning News profile of The Art of Examination course in action, Dallas, TX, May 16, 2017