Power of Observation Lecture Recordings

The Power of Observation™, Bonnie Pitman

The Power of Observation: RED

Develop your Power of Observation by exploring the color red – understanding how our eyes and brain perceive and process the color, and discovering the different meanings of red throughout history and across cultures.

Filmed at the Center for BrainHealth, September 2019

The Power of Observation

Observation requires that we look and listen deeply to develop an understanding of the impressions we collect. Learning to observe people, places and activities in the world makes us better storytellers, communicators, professionals, writers and artists. Explore the differences between seeing, looking and observing.

Filmed at the Center for BrainHealth, April 2018

“The Power of Observation” talk by Bonnie Pitman for Hilliard University Art Museum, Lafayette, Louisiana

Filmed at Hilliard University Art Museum, September 28, 2018