Artist Documentation

The O’Donnell Institute supports research that documents artists’ visual and textual practices.

Paul Gauguin

In collaboration with the Wildenstein Plattner Institute, Inc. (WPI) in Paris, O’Donnell Institute Founding Director Richard R. Brettell heads research for the multi-volume catalogue raisonné of the artist Paul Gauguin.

The Work of John Wilcox

The O’Donnell Institute collaborates with The Ioannes Project to study, document, and exhibit the work of the painter John Wilcox (1954-2012).

Carolyn Brown Archive

The Carolyn Brown Archive documents the fifty-year career of Dallas-based photographer Carolyn Brown.

Census of French Sculpture

The first comprehensive digital archive of French sculpture in America.

Artists’ Writings

In writings ranging from journals and letters to workshop manuals, autobiographies, and poems, visual artists turn to text to describe the materials and techniques of their practice.

James Magee and The Hill

James Magee’s site-based project, The Hill, in far west Texas.