MA Benchmarks Handbook

The MA Benchmarks Handbook is an important tool to guide you through and promote your successful completion of our program. The faculty, professional staff, and administration are available to assist you with policies, procedures, or regulations for UT Dallas.

As you begin your journey, we encourage you to interact with your class peers and faculty members, and meet regularly with your faculty advisor to help enhance and diversify your learning opportunities.

See Graduate Degree Program Policies and Procedures for more information or contact Graduate Program Advisor Heather Bowling at [email protected].

Semester Guidelines

Year 1: Fall Semester

  • When registering for your first semester, be sure to register for 3 graduate seminars, including either AHST 6301 or AHST 6302
  • Attend EODIAH-organized workshop talks, lectures, gallery visits, and generally participate in the life of the Institute for the duration of the program (follow EODIAH events)
  • Mid semester, register for Spring semester, including either AHST 6301 or AHST 6302 (Available courses can be found in Coursebook)
  • Discuss possible thesis topics, proposal, and committee with Graduate Program Advisor and relevant faculty members

Year 1: Spring Semester

  • Take 3 graduate seminars, including either AHST 6301 or AHST 6302
  • In consultation with the Graduate Program Advisor, choose Faculty Advisor (who is your Committee Chair) before spring break
  • In consultation with Faculty Advisor/Committee Chair, choose the remainder of your thesis committee. Gather signatures from all committee members on the Committee Appointment Form, and submit to the Graduate Program Advisor by April 15
  • Draft of Thesis Proposal due to Faculty Advisor/Committee Chair and Graduate Program Advisor by April 1
  • Apply for museum assistantships and summer travel funding. Exact dates and deadlines will vary, see below and contact Graduate Program Advisor for details.
  • Full Thesis proposal (see Thesis Proposal Guidelines), working bibliography, and signed Summer Plan Form due to Faculty Advisor/Committee Chair and Graduate Program Advisor by May 15
  • Register for Fall semester: 3 AHST 63## hours (1 course) and 6 AHST 6350 thesis hours (2 courses)


  • Thesis research and writing (goals and timeline to be set in consultation with Faculty Advisor and committee members)
  • Assistantship and/or research travel

Year 2: Fall Semester

  • Submit summer progress report and fall prospectus to Graduate Program Advisor and Faculty Advisor (detailed outline), due August 15
  • Research and Writing for thesis: roughly 1 month per chapter. Draft due by December 31 (suggested deadline) to Faculty Advisor
  • MA Graduate Student Practicum Workshop: November (date varies, but to take place before Thanksgiving)
  • Apply to Graduate (submit signed degree plan to OGE, see apply for graduation)

Year 2: Spring Semester

  • January meetings with thesis committees to advance to thesis defense (January)
  • Draft 2 complete end of February, Draft 3 before spring break
  • Schedule thesis defenses (February)
  • Thesis defense (to take place in late March)
  • Thesis upload to OGE (students submit signed thesis approval form, directions for upload found on Report of Final Examination for Master's Thesis Form)
  • Graduation (May)

Helpful Links

Checklist for Final Submission of Master’s Thesis

Graduate Handbook

Art History MA suggested course of study

Graduate Degree Program Policies and Procedures

Dates and Deadlines

Master’s and Doctoral deadlines lists each semester’s officially posted applications, thesis, and final oral exam deadlines.

UT Dallas Academic Calendar


[Downloadable as .pdf or .docx]

Report of Final Examination for Master’s Thesis Form (to be filled out by main advisor and signed by the entire committee). This form must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Education by the final master's deadline.

Citation Form to be completed as part of the submission process for graduate students who submit a dissertation or thesis.

Registration Add, Drop, Withdraw Form return to the Registrar’s Office.

Committee Appointment Form requests formal appointment to serve as your supervisory committee.

Summer Plan Form outline summer goals and have signed by primary advisor.

Travel Funding Request to be completed at least one month prior to desired travel: This form is a jumping off point for students to explain your reason for travel. Specifically you need to attach a separate document that sets out your specific research questions and goals, an explanation of how those questions and goals fit into your larger project, and an outline of the on-site work to be done to pursue those questions. Be as specific as possible with costs.


Please direct questions and meeting requests to the Graduate Program Advisor, Heather Bowling at [email protected].