Undergraduate Fast Track Option

Room 14, triclinium, Oplontis, Villa A

The Fast-Track program allows undergraduate students in the School of Arts and Humanities the opportunity to begin work on a Master’s degree in art history before graduation.

As a Fast Track student, qualified undergraduate seniors may take up to 12 credit hours of approved graduate art history courses during their senior year (within 30 hours of graduation), which will apply to their undergraduate degree plans as either major, related, prescribed or elective courses.

Students interested in the Fast Track program should consult with their Academic Advisor and complete an application. The best time to apply is prior to the final credit hours of work for the BA degree.

Fast Track Admission Requirements

  • Senior standing and completion of all core courses in the major (see advisor)
  • Grade point average of at least 3.5 in course work at UT Dallas, overall and in the major.
  • A Statement of Purpose, Writing Sample, and Two letters of recommendation from faculty from the School of Arts and Humanities who teach undergraduate and graduate courses.
  • Approval from the School of Arts and Humanities Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and the School of Arts and Humanities Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, and admission is then offered by EODIAH.

If accepted into the Fast Track program, students graduating from their undergraduate program must enroll in classes as graduate students during the long semester directly after graduation. Failure to remain enrolled is interpreted as withdrawing from the university and the student will need to formally reapply.

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