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The Power of Art, From Museums to Medicine: A Conversation With Bonnie Pitman

From museum director, to hospital patient, to starting up a program in art and medicine, Bonnie Pitman sits down with Benjamin Lima, editor of The Athenaeum Review to discuss the role of medical humanities in medical education today, its connections to art history, and her personal journey and current work.

This episode was recorded on August 29, 2019 at the Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History at UT Dallas by The Athenaeum Review podcast.

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Awe + Art + Observation: Bonnie Pitman

Bonnie Pitman shares how Doing Something New inspires us to make each day extraordinary. Her Power of Observation Framework instructs us on the critical steps for moving from the first glance to making new meaning of our observations. She is both delightful and incredibly grounded in her approach to appreciating the banal and sublime.

This episode was recorded on February 11, 2020 by LeeAnn Mallory, RiseRadio podcast.

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